Defending Yourself from the Fake Visa Consultants

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Connecting with fake visa consultants is a disaster that will not only ruin your money but also your efforts. Well,  you must be aware of the amount that you have to invest in order to become an international student. You just give this money to people whom you trust and believe that they are going to help you turn your dream into reality. But suddenly, you come to know that they aren’t picking up your calls and not responding to you and just escape the offices with your hard-earned money. 

Don’t worry! Have faith in us as we are going to help you sidestep the trap of these fraudsters by telling you their behavior and the steps that you must take to identify if they are trustworthy or not. For more information, you can connect with the Best study visa consultants in Amritsar who have acquired years of experience in handling the visa application process. 

Furthermore, there are a few factors that you have to bear in mind in order to get your visa. But along with that, you also needed to do some hard work to get in touch with the top visa consultants and participate actively to do so. 

Defend yourself from the fake visa consultants:

Use the following pointers to defend yourself from fake visa consultants.

Is your immigrant consultant registered with ICCRC?

The authorised immigration consultants must be qualified enough to get registered by the ICCRC. On the ICCRC’s official website, the status of your immigration consultant can be checked but you need to follow a few steps for this. Just open the website and fill out the basic details of your immigration consultant’s information such as last name, first name, and company name.

Confused information 

Your visa consultants have so many things to tell you that are quite relevant to your visa approval. If he is fake then, he is surely going to feel confused about the information that he is providing to you, especially when he will be providing you with the optional information such as the names of the cities, colleges, etc. You must be active enough to point out their confusion and don’t tell them that they are making this mistake. In fact, observe these mistakes and then, stop yourself from giving your hard-earned money to them. 

Active participation! Not allowed

Well, if your visa advisors are not interested in your active participation or getting irritated with it. Then, they are going to make mistakes that will trouble you during your stay abroad. Yes, a good visa consultant allows active participation from the customers so that they can make the decisions that are perfect for them. 

Know what decisions they are making for you and what impact they will have on your stay abroad. Also, check if the decisions that they are making for you are legal enough to keep your stay abroad smooth. 

Explore their knowledge 

Try to navigate some information on the internet that relates to the visa approval process by yourself. So that you can check if your immigrant advisor is providing you with accurate information.

Remember that, no matter how smart the visa advisor is, he will surely make mistakes because they will try to hide the truth. 

If you believe that visa advisors aren’t giving you the right information then, you must refrain from going ahead with them.

The experience 

Learn about the experience of your visa consultants to know if they can handle your visa application process accurately. In addition to that, you have to understand that their experience will help them earn more amount than a fake visa advisor can ever escape with. Therefore, experience plays a very vital role in selecting the best visa consultants for you. Connect with the best Canada study visa consultants in Amritsar to know the visa application process to Canada. 


These are the basics that you can use to identify if the visa advisors that you are connecting with are genuine enough to go ahead with. Don’t let yourself fall into the trap of fake people by easily trusting them.

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