Embroidery on a shirt in Dallas

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Embroidery on a shirt in Dallas

In general, embroidery takes from 3 to 7 working days, but with a heavy workload of production, the terms may be longer.

First, we convert your image to stitch format: this is necessary so that the embroidery machine understands what it needs to embroider. A specialist designer translates the picture into a layout in a special program. The quality of the embroidery depends on the quality of the layout, so the layout is approved by you personally and paid separately. Its price usually fluctuates within 2,000 rubles, but sometimes it can be more expensive – if there are a lot of individual elements and details in the picture. The layout is paid once, and you can use it even years later. When ordering from 500 copies, we will make a layout for free!

According to the layout, we sew a test copy so that you can evaluate the quality and make adjustments if necessary. Only then we send off the entire circulation. You can see the average prices for embroidery. We also do the hat embroidery in Dallas.

We are also happy to provide you with shirts for application. For a catalog, contact the managers, they will help you choose a convenient model at the right price.

For an additional payment of 60% of the order amount, we will perform embroidery today!

Timeless classic

Since the Renaissance, shirts have rightfully held the palm among outerwear. Many customs and beliefs are associated with them, for example: a clean, white shirt was associated with people with a pure soul. Probably from here came the custom of wearing white shirts before the battle. And before baptism, a person put on a special “baptismal” shirt. The saying “give away the last shirt” implied the kindness and disinterestedness of a person.

Now the white color of the shirt has become a classic, along with jeans. By the way, this shirt is suitable for both jeans and a suit. It is impossible to imagine a business man without a shirt.

But the classic always implies a certain rigor and monotony, and, perhaps, some may get bored. What to do if the dress code at work does not allow you to change the style of the shirt, but you don’t want to look like everyone else?! Embroidery on shirts will come to the rescue.

Logo shirts

We offer the most prestigious way of branding – embroidery on shirts. It is not necessary to embroider huge images or flashy slogans. It is enough to embroider your initials or a small company logo on the shirt, and that’s it. We are sure that the credibility of your company will immediately increase, and its reputation will become higher.

The most elegant way to immortalize a logo on a shirt is to embroider on the collar. Accurate and bright application will emphasize your sense of taste, while maintaining a business style. Present your company the right way!

Shirts for application

We have been cooperating with domestic and European suppliers for a long time and are pleased to offer you embroidered shirts. We have men’s and women’s shirts with long and short sleeves, in white and blue colors. Ideal for creating a unified corporate style in your company!

Shirts with embroidery

If the hardships of the dress code have bypassed you, then you can decorate your favorite casual shirt with embroidery. An interesting image or inscription will always resonate with others and attract their attention. After all, the main thing is not what you wear, but how you feel while wearing it. With embroidery, any, even the most primitive shirt or T-shirt will become original and give confidence to its owner. Embroidery on shirts has a special effect.

Embroidery of a men’s shirt is not complete without jokes. Recently, the trend is to embroider cats on a shirt pocket. We can make both a standard muzzle and embroidery based on your pet’s photo.

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