How Affordable Is Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) Closure Surgery In India?

Ventricular Septal Defect Closure Surgery In India

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With evolving modernization, there has been a notable transition in all the life aspects of humanity. Heath is one such aspect. 

Today the health status of the majority of the population is affected severely due to the alarming increase in disastrous habits such as alcohol use, smoking, lack of a balanced diet, and a hassled routine.

This increase in sedentary lifestyle habits is leading to a direct increase in health conditions such as heart ailments. 

Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) is also a heart condition that is becoming prevalent. It is one of the most common types of congenital disease, which is detected in about one-third of 1% of all newborns.

The treatment of VSD includes a heart closure surgery that has a success rate of 90%. Usually, the VSD closure surgery cost in India is highly budget-friendly and can be easily afforded by a majority of patients seeking a cost-effective treatment.

The VSD closure surgery cost in India, on average, ranges from Rs. 200000 to Rs. 300000 and can start from USD 4000. 

In this blog, let us understand the affordability of VSD treatment in India more clearly!

What Does VSD Stand For?

VSD stands for Ventricular Septal defect, which is a complex medical condition detected in infants born with a hole in the lining that separates the lower chambers of the heart known as the ventricles. This is a type of congenital ailment that originates from the birth of an infant. 

Due to the presence of a hole in the septum, the oxygenated blood in the chambers gets mixed with the deoxygenated blood resulting in a disequilibrium of ideal blood pressure in the body and the abnormal flow of oxygen-rich blood from the left ventricle.

This imbalance arises in high blood pressure in the vessels leading to lower oxygen levels in the body. Hence, the optimal level of oxygen in the body is hampered.

Are There Any Symptoms Linked to VSD?

As VSD disrupts the oxygen levels in the body, there is always difficulty breathing and an inability to perform physical activities in people with VSD. Other than this symptom, there are also many other signs and symptoms which can be observed in people suffering from VSD. 

These signs can be noticed from birth and sometimes can be noticed as a child grows. 

Some of the most commonly observed symptoms are:-

  • Fatigue
  • Breathlessness
  • Pale skin
  • Rapid Breathing
  • Swollen liver
  • Poor appetite
  • Weight loss
  • Prompt heart rate
  • Respiratory infections

The symptoms of VSD usually depend upon the size of the hole. A small hole might not stimulate serious symptoms. The intensity of these symptoms can vary from person to person according to the complexity of the case. 

If serious and uncontrollable symptoms are noticed, it is advisable to consult your physician for better management of such symptoms.

What Is A VSD Closure Surgery?

A VSD closure surgery is a heart surgery that is performed to close the opening between the left and right ventricles of the heart. (septum)

During a VSD closure surgery, a cardiologist attempts to make an incision in the front of the chest to reach the heart of an individual. Then, a heart-lung machine is used during the surgery to pump the blood.

There are many types of treatments available for the VSD treatment. A heart closure surgery is one such treatment procedure. Cardiac Catheterization is another treatment procedure in which a catheter ( tube) is inserted into the blood vessel to reach the heart and correct the hole.

What is the VSD Closure Surgery Cost in India?

Healthcare in India is among the most refined healthcare centers in the world. It is equipped with advanced technology and talented human resources, which facilitate the development of treatment procedures for various complex ailments and their effective management. 

The treatment of VSD in India is recognized worldwide and is available across the country. Usually, the VSD treatment cost is highly expensive across the world. However, India is a country that offers high-quality treatment under a low budget. 

On average, the VSD closure surgery cost in India for adults starts from Rs. 217560 and can go up to Rs 290080 depending upon various factors. At the same time, the average expense for international patients is between USD 4410 to USD 5390.

The costs of other related procedures, such as VSD treatment, can be between Rs. 115440 to Rs. 153920, and the cost of device closure – ASD VSD is between Rs. 208680 to Rs. 278240.

Who Are the Best Cardiology Specialists For VSD Closure Surgery In India?

Dr. Smita Mishra

  • Based in the capital city of New Delhi, Dr. Smita Mishra is one of the most competent Pediatric Cardiologists with an experience of more than 33 years in the field.
  • She has acquired eminent skills throughout her career and specializes in interventional pediatric cardiology and noninvasive pediatric cardiology.
  • She also has expertise in conducting medical procedures for treating and managing atrial septal defects, congenital valve issues, congenital heart disease, Kawasaki disease, Arrhythmias, etc.

Dr. Swati Garekar

  • Dr. Swati Garekar is one of the best Pediatric Cardiologists in India for the treatment of heart ailments, with a vast experience of nearly 27 years in the field.
  • She is an expert in performing procedures such as echocardiography, fetal echocardiography, 3D printing of complex heart defects, heart failure, cardiomyopathies, and heart transplants.
  • She is based in Mumbai, India, and has been awarded several times for her incredible skills and valuable contributions to the field of cardiology.

Dr. Viresh Mahajan 

  • Having an experience and knowledge of more than 22 years in the field of Pediatric Cardiology, Dr. Viresh Mahajan is among the best cardiologists in the country.
  • His medical specialization lies in the treatment and management of infants suffering from complex and non-complex congenital heart defects and heart issues.
  • He is also interested in interventional pediatric cardiology, including stenting of coarctation, balloon dilatation of stenosed heart valves, pulmonary arteries, nonsurgical closure of heart holes, etc.

Dr. K Subramanyan

  • Dr. K Subramanyan is a distinguished Pediatric Cardiologist based in Chennai, India, having an experience of nearly 40 years in the field.
  • Throughout his medical career, he has successfully conducted over 2,500 interventional cardiac procedures in adults and children.
  • His clinical specializations and interests include Cardiac interventions such as Primary PCIs, ASDs, PDAs closure, valvuloplasties, pacemaker implantation, and other advanced cardiac procedures.

Dr. Savitri Shrivastava

  • Based in the capital city of New Delhi, Dr. Savitri Shrivastava is a renowned Pediatric Cardiologist with an experience of more than 59 years in the field of cardiology.
  • Her medical interests include pediatric diseases, congenital heart diseases, echocardiography, and noncoronary interventions.
  • She is the first doctor in the world to describe the concept of balloon dilation of the atrial septum in the year 1988.

Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) is a severe congenital disease that can seriously hamper an individual’s life. A VSD closure surgery is a specialized technique that is incredibly useful in the treatment of VSD.

India is a promising choice if you are looking for a reasonable, high-quality, and favorable destination to get treatment for your or your loved ones’ medical ailments.

Hence, the VSD closure surgery cost in India is highly affordable, which makes it the best option to get treated on a low budget!

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