How to Customize Die Struck Pins

How to Customize Die Struck Pins

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With so many styles of lapel pins available , why do so many companies, organizations and individuals choose our ” molded pin ” style? Obviously, the reasons behind each order are different. But one thing we’ve found over the years is that molded pin buyers want an elegant and stylish pin that is very economical and delivered fairly quickly. As a result, we often find companies ordering die struck pins with their logo on them to distribute to customers and suppliers, or to use as morale boosters for team building within the business. Likewise, charities and social service groups have found that pins from dice can be used to show participation in the cause or as part of a fundraising effort. Whatever the reason, a molded pin offers versatility no matter how an organization wants to use it.

1. Unique craftsmanship

A key reason why die struck pins are so versatile and stand out is the way we make them. We first make the steel mold according to your design or the steel mold designed for you by our designer. The mold is placed on a piece of brass or steel. The design is stamped onto the metal with pressure, embossing it and leaving recessed and raised parts. We then plate the metal in different colors and polish it to give it the look of fine jewelry. Also, when needed to create a lovely contrast between the recessed and raised parts of the metal on the pins, we sand blast the recessed areas. There is one thing to remember about molded pins: it is colorless in nature. That’s why we make many of our pins in double plated or antiqued metal. It makes the design stand out even more.

2. Die Struck Pins are Versatile

One of the advantages of molded pins is that they can be ordered custom made in gold or all metal to give the look of fine jewelry. Even better, if the pin has an antique finish, it will look as if it is old. But the best thing about die struck pins is that they can be used in so many different ways and for different purposes. Obviously, they’re great for branding, whether it’s a business or one of its products. They can be handed out at conferences and seminars and used as part of conference or trade show giveaways. They are cherished when an employee or department is recognized, or when a team-building event takes place. Charities have found them to be an effective way to recognize donor and volunteer engagement because they create an emotional connection between the group and the people committed to their cause.

What makes die struck pins a popular lapel pin choice? The metal is compressed into the desired design, making it a classic for repairmen.

Your employees have done a great job over the past year. Students at your university have taken their final final exams and are ready to celebrate their accomplishments. Over the past few months, officers in your department have overcome a number of obstacles.

No matter your situation, die struck pins are a great way to say thank you to students, staff, club members, and more. Rewarding those who excel at a particular task is the best way to boost their confidence and give them something to showcase. Here’s how to make molded lapel pins and why you should choose them.

3. HowDie Struck Pins Are Made

The first step is to choose the design you want to appear on the pin. Then, create a mold or mold from the design of your choice. These pins are usually made of iron, copper, or brass metal, although other metals can be used.

These soft metals can bring out the best details. A die or die is used to cast the lapel pin, then a trimming tool is used to cut the outside of the lapel pin to form the desired shape. For a unique finish, the pins are textured.

Finishing is one of the final steps in the creative process. The final product is a jewelry-like brooch.

4. Custom Molded Badges

Molded lapel pins are fully customizable. They are comparable to soft enamel pins that do not use colored enamel. Die stamped pins have a classic look due to the absence of colored enamel.

They are perfect for an elegant look and still offer options for customization. Depending on your molded pin needs, you can add glitter, crystals, glitter and any design of your choice. The pin backs you can choose from include magnets, safety pins, long pins, screw backs, button clutches, earring posts, and more.

5. Why Choose Molded Badges

Die struck pins are manufactured with durability in mind. They will last for years without worrying about fading or breaking. This type of pin is high quality because the design is stamped into the metal of the pin.

The process of making die struck pins is traditional and is often the first step in making several other types of custom pins. These types of pins stand out from other pins due to their raised surface and textured background with a polished finish. This is the best type of pin to buy if you’re looking for a design that doesn’t require a printed image or colored enamel.

Die struck pins have a more antique look and are best for designs with clean lines. Molded-in pins are ideal when looking for service pins, anniversary pins, identification pins, or even company logo pins.

6. The Versatility of Die Struck Pins

Because the die struck pins are durable and have a classic look, they can be used in many different ways for many different events. This is one of the reasons why this type of pin is so popular. Pins can even be made with an antique finish, which gives the illusion that the pin is very old.

If your reason for buying a lapel pin isn’t one of the reasons listed above, don’t panic. These pins are extremely versatile and perfect for any occasion. You can fully customize your die struck pins so they can fit any situation.

7. How to Design Die Struck Pins

Already have an idea for your pin? If so, then you’ve already started the process! Open to your thoughts and let us know what you think.

These pins are made in the size and shape of your choice, so your customization options are endless.

We offer a free design service and will work with you and your idea to bring it to life. Don’t know where to start? If you don’t have an exact design in mind, our team of design artists will work with you to design something you like.

If you are not satisfied with the product, please feel free to tell our artist team. They will continue to come up with ideas and tweak as needed until you are completely satisfied. Once you approve the design, die struck pins are manufactured and inspected before shipping to you.

8. How to Order Custom Die Struck Pins

By filling out our quote form, you will receive a free quote for the type of die pin you are looking for. This will get your process started. Contact us and we’ll walk you through an easy ordering guide.

Before contacting us for a quote, it is best to have a general idea of ​​your needs. If you’re not sure about the exact design you want, consider the size and shape of the pins. Find out how many pins you need for your event and what you can expect from them.

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