How to Measure a Field Hockey Stick

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How to Measure a Field Hockey Stick. Measure from the base up to the hip bone with shoes on.  The inches will correlate to the suggested length of the stick. Take into thinking that they are expanding but do not go beyond the belly button as the stick will be bulky when playing.

You can also use height to count stick size for Youth.  Also, this is not an actual science as everyone is proportioned differently.  You may want to mix both ways!

The most comprehensive Field Hockey Stick Size Chart

So now that we have set that standard brands & their affiliates have a vested claim in urging everyone to just a couple of lengths, we’d like to present the widest Field Hockey Size Chart EVER based on a rational advancement of heights! In the claim of totality, we have added all the possible lengths even the ones that may not be readily known, even through us…

The reference chart is based on our 50+ years of manufacturing experience for international players, 1000s of custom sticks, and The Method we discussed above:

3′- 3’1         25″

3’2-3’4        26″

3”4-3’6       27″

3’6-3’8        28″

3-9-3’10      29″

3’11-4’0      30″

4’0-4’2        31″

4’3-4’4        32″

4’5-4’6        33″

4’7-4’9        34″

4’10-5’0      35″

5’0 – 5’2      36″


At this period, you may desire to move into a Senior-sized stick. They are more powerful and more powerful.  There exist just 2 sizes 36.5 & 37.5. Although you can get a 38.5″ that is not recommended unless you are over 6’4


5’0-5’8″  will exist a 36.5″ stick & 5’8 & up would stand a 37.5 stick.  Most of the time hockey sticks for  “seniors” are below the waist and this is fine.  The stick evolves as an extension of your component.   A taller player 5’8 and overhead may choose to play with a 37.5 particularly if their legs are long.

Field Hockey stick length for High School can be a concern of private choice.  Occasionally coaches want players to utilize a lengthy stick or players like this due to the ratios of legs to height. Also, occasionally players are required to get down more and do not require the length. These are all fine. In this group, it is about a stick operating with your style of play.

In conclusion

We have performed very hard to make the ability & infrastructure required to provide our customers with all these possibilities, so while we end this base with a plug for RAGE Custom, we sense that there is a demand for transparency, real benefits & real invention in the field hockey industry at big.

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