How to Use Instagram’s New Features?

How to Use Instagram's New Features?

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Instagram is a popular social media platform that can be subscribed to for free, founded in October 2010. While pinning photos and video shares to our profile as a post, it is possible to share instantly from the section called the story. Instagram renews itself day by day and tries to keep its user base alive. While Instagram offers different opportunities to its users with new feature options, it continues to keep satisfaction at the highest level with its improvement works.

What are Instagram’s New Updates?

Instagram gives different powers to its users with the updates it makes from time to time. As these updates cover all users, a few features may also be active in the account depending on the conditions. At the very beginning of the terms are the interaction statistics of the account. Buy Followers Instagram Malaysia, a number of posts likes and comments affect your rate of fully benefiting from Instagram updates. With the story feature, which is among the new updates of Instagram, it is possible to make instant sharing for 24 hours. You can define the people you want to interact with by creating a group of close friends. Many more features like these have healing properties. Instagram updates not working users said; Can delete the Instagram app and reinstall it? If this process does not work, there is a problem with the low version.

How to Use Instagram’s Story Feature?

The feature in which the sharing is deleted after 24 hours, which you can highlight in your profile, which can be transferred instantly or transferred from the gallery, is called a story. The Instagram stories can be synced with Spotify. As a result, you can have the chance to share the music you listen to on your Spotify account with your followers with the Instagram story feature. The steps to use the Instagram story feature are as follows:

  • Open your Instagram homepage.
  • At the top of the screen, the stories of the users you follow are displayed. At the beginning of this section is your story. To share, you can create a share by clicking on your profile photo with the round icon.
  • It is also possible to create a story by clicking the + icon in the box on your home page.
  • You can take your story sharing instantly with your Instagram camera or you can share an old photo by clicking the gallery link.
  • You can apply effects, write text, draw pictures, add locations, tag users, or put elements such as emoji, and gifs on your story photos.

How to Make Instagram Boost?

Your Instagram stories are archived on your profile after 24 hours, and your followers’ viewing ends. If you want your stories to be permanently on your profile, you can do this with the “highlight” option. Here’s what to do for Instagram boosting :

  • Log in to your Instagram profile. At the bottom of the edit profile button is the “highlights in stories” section. With this section, your favorite stories are pinned to your profile.
  • You can access your past story posts by clicking the + symbol in the circle. It is possible to group highlights by selecting one or more of them. You can custom-name your Highlights groups or add emojis. If you leave the domain name blank, it will be automatically named “highlights”.
  • You have the right to create more than one highlight section on your profile.

What is Instagram’s Zoom Feature?

Zoom technology entered our lives in 2006. The zoom feature, which has recently been used by Instagram. Is frequently used by many users. Instagram Zoom feature; It can be used in profile photos, shared posts, and videos. You have the right to zoom in on the posts of all accounts that your Instagram account has access to. The steps to zoom in are as follows:

  • Open the photo you want to examine for the zoom feature, which is the same as the photo enlargement process.
  • By selecting the details you are curious about, touching the screen of the device with two fingers, and magnifying it, you can examine the photos or videos more closely with the zoom feature.
  • To zoom in on videos, you need to pause the video.

Is there a word barrier when commenting on Instagram?

In order to prevent comments made on Instagram from containing negative content or insulting, offensive speech, the word block option is used as a new feature on Instagram. To activate this feature, also called comment filtering, the following is required:

  • Enter the settings menu of your Instagram account.
  • Select the “comments” submenu here.
  • There are two options on the page that opens. The first is the box to hide offensive and inappropriate comments. By activating this option, bad comments on your posts are hidden.
  • To further customize this process, you can use the option to filter comments with keyword usage.

How to Pin Comments on Instagram?

With the Instagram comment fixing feature, it is possible to highlight the comments under your posts. The steps for this feature are as follows:

  • Open the post-sharing in question.
  • Hover over the comment you want to pin and swipe left slightly.
  • As a result of this process, you will see “delete, reply, and pin” options.
  • As a result of clicking the “pin” option, the comment will be pinned under the post.

What is Instagram Close Friends?

Among the new features of Instagram is the “close friends” option. You can filter who can see your Instagram stories with close friends. The steps to create a close friends group are as follows:

  • Create a post for your Instagram story share.
  • The share options of the post ready to share include choosing a single person, and sharing with all your followers, and close friends.
  • In this section, click on the close friend’s option and add the followers you want to be in the close friends’ group one by one and add them to the group. Then you can share your story with the option to share with my close friends.
  • People you add as close friends can see your action. It is understandable that your icon is surrounded by a green ring, where your story is shared with close friends.

Can You Retweet on Instagram?

There is no retweet feature among Instagram’s updates. Retweet; means sharing a user’s share on your own account. The person tagged in Instagram stories has the authority to share the shared story on their profile. But sharing a post directly on another account is not among the features offered among Instagram updates. Instagram Repost is possible as a result of installing a second application on your device and synchronizing it with your Instagram account. This operation cannot be done without a plugin.

What is Instagram Boards Feature?

With the acquisition of Instagram by Facebook, many new improvements are also included. Instagram, which first acquired the instant, filtered photo-sharing feature of the Snapchat application, then started to use the clipboard feature of the Pinterest application. The clipboard option brought with the new feature is an option for grouping the shares. For this process, it is possible to fix your photos by categorizing them according to their groups. The clipboard feature is also called a collection. There is no quota limitation in this feature. You have the right to create as many collections as you want. You can turn your posts into a board with different categories that come to mind, such as makeup, shopping, travel, and food.

What is Instagram Reels Feature?

Previously, it was possible to share a video in the gallery or an effectless video taken with the Instagram camera as a post. Now, you have the opportunity to take your videos piece by piece and combine them, which makes it different from Reels videos. There is an option to add music to the video. You can apply filters to your reel shots or add additional elements such as text emoji. Reel videos, which have been enjoyed by many users, can be viewed more in the explore section if your profile is open to everyone. Best Website to Buy Instagram Followers offers a new feature to its users every day, giving a new popular option.

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