Impacts of Transcreation on Customer’s Behaviour

The Impact of Globalization on Consumer Behavior

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In this globalized world of businesses and brands, new technologies help businesses to reach international markets. In order to increase customer engagement, effective communication in the native language of the audience is key to the success of any business in the global market. 

Therefore, businesses rely on different technologies to reach diverse audiences across different cultures and linguistic backgrounds. Professional translation is an important tool to bridge the language barrier and cultural barriers. Sometimes the differences among the cultures of the target region are so diverse that translations are unable to bridge the gap.

So, here comes the transcreation services. It is a way to recreate the whole marketing content while maintaining the original essence of the context. While adhering to the cultural sensitivities, preferences, and emotional attachments of the target audience. 

Translators translate official documents and marketing material of your business into the native language of the audience. Businesses must hire LSPs providing authorized document translation services to translate them accurately. Furthermore, new technologies have made this easy by providing a lot of new marketing strategies and transcreation is one of those new trends.    

How Does Transcreation Leave a Good Impact?

Transcreation is all about making the content engaging and relatable to the target audience, region, language, cultural preferences. Transcreation is not mere word-for-word translation, it concentrates on persuasiveness, and intent of your original brand message. However, transcreation resonates cultural familiarity and regional compatibility.

Transcreation is actually a fusion of art and language that leaves a lasting effect on the end customers. Therefore, professional transcreation services play an important role in streamlining the brand voice, marketing preferences, and cultural preferences of the businesses and brands. 

Cultural Relevance

The most important feature of transcreation is the cultural relevance of the target audience. In this world of cultural and linguistic diversity, respecting the cultural differences in communication and marketing is significant. Therefore, transcreation achieves this by adapting the cultural norms, values, and traditions of the target audience. 

For instance, consider a multinational company or brand, advertising the products or services in the global market. It confuses the audience if the advertisements are in different languages and the target region is different. As a result, the brand will lose its reputation in the international market. 

However, professional transcreation services help brands to save their reputation and avoid failure in the global market. It produces the context relevant to the cultural norms of the target customers.  

An Emotional Connection

Transcreation services focus mainly on building the emotional connection of products and brands with the audience. Emotions have a huge impact on human behavior. Transcreation triggers these emotions in the right way. Customers and audiences of the specific region have specific emotions according to their cultural and traditional aspects. 

Brand Consistency

Maintaining the consistency of the brand in the market is challenging. Using the same logo and color scheme for branding your product affects your market reputation. So, brands must change their designs according to the culture and aesthetic preferences of the target market. It also helps them build strong brand identity in the target region.  

A strong identity of the brand builds trust among the consumers. Transcreation plays an essential role and adapts the brand’s messages and images while preserving the cultural values and identity of the brand. 

Engage Audience

In this digital world, valuable content engages more audiences and encourages them to share it in their community. The transcreated content is culturally sensitive and respects the cultural and traditional norms of the audience, resultantly engages more customers in the international market. 

Memorable Slogans and Catchphrases 

Transcreation refers to the creation of slogans and catchphrases that are memorable and sticks in the mind of customers for a long time. It results in building the brand’s identity in customers’ minds. 

Customer Loyalty 

When a brand understands and respects the cultural norms and traditional sensitivities of the target market, it develops loyalty in customers. As a result, long-term relations are established with the brand and products. Therefore, transcreation is a way of connection between the brand and its target audience. 

Team of Experts 

Successful transcreation needs the collaboration of expert team members. However, this team includes marketing professionals, creative writers, cultural consultants, expert linguistics, etc

Transcreation needs experts other than the professionals provided by the document translation services. The transcreation services require special cultural advisors who understand the cultural nuances of the target region. 


Transcreation is the marketing strategy for the advertisement of the brands in the international market. It is helpful to reach the global target audience and global market. However, the transcreation engages the customers emotionally. It leaves a long-lasting effect on the memory of the target audience.

It’s natural that visual things have a good and unforgettable impression on the human mind. Therefore, the transcreation has the ability to connect the customers on a cultural and emotional level with the brands. It creates a memorable and positive impact of the products on target customers. 

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