Interesting Facts About The Indigenous People in The Amazon Rainforest

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Amazon River cruises are centered around several interesting aspects that are alluring curious travellers year on year to this most exciting destination. Before you set out to book your Amazon cruise trip, read some interesting facts about the indigenous people inhabiting the rain forest.

The indigenous tribes of Amazon
In addition to the millions of plant and animal species, Amazon rain forest is also home to the indigenous native tribes inhabiting the region. These tribes have been living over these forests over thousands of years. Even today, we can see hundreds of ethnic groups with their distinctive languages and cultures living in the tropical rain forests of Amazon.

How do their lives look like?
Though some indigenous people live like us, there are some others who continue to live the style of life they have inherited from their ancestors. These communities have their own food, medicine, clothing, and cultural practices.

Do the tribal children attend schools?
Majority of tribal children do not attend schools as our children do. Instead, their parents teach them about the forest. They learn survival tricks, hunting, fishing, foods and about medicinal plants. Most of these children have a deep knowledge about the rain forest than the scientists who have researched the rainforests for several years.

What do they eat?
They hunt animals, do fishing and also gather wild fruits and nuts from the forest. They too have small gardens where they plant some sources of foods. They practice shifting cultivation method in which they do cultivation in a given piece of land for some time and then leave it to regrow for 10 to 50 years so that the land gains its fertility once again. This style of cultivation promotes a nomadic life in these tribes. Now some new challenges like the growing number of non-indigenous farmers in these regions and the shrinking of the Amazon forest have forced them to remain in the same areas.

Why is the rainforest important for these tribes?
The indigenous people have been protecting the forests till the present times from outsiders. Their lifestyle is a kind of sustainable existence as they hardly harm the plant and animal species. Once an indigenous man remarked, “The earth is our historian, our educator, the provider of food, medicine, clothing and protection. She is the mother of our races.”

Are the indigenous people in danger?
Ever since the Europeans have been colonizing different geographies, indigenous tribes have been dying and losing their lands. Through European explorers, diseases like colds, small-pox and measles arrived into these lands for which these tribes were not immune. Therefore, over ninety percent of people died on account of these small diseases. Encroachments, exploitation and infrastructure development led to destruction of vast areas of rainforests.

Take away
The native indigenous tribes of Amazon rainforests are a testimony of some ancient civilizations on the earth. You get to meet a lot of these people and have a firsthand feel of their lifestyles during Amazon River cruises, which make these cruises an unforgettable experience.

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