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Popular Methods to Repair Different Types of Window Lintels

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Signs of lintel failure are an alarming threat to your property. Cracks and leaks occur when you have serious structural issues. Lintels are designed to support the load of the overhead structure and retain the stability of windows. Therefore, as a critical component in proffering integrity to a building, any damage in the lintels will require repair or replacement depending upon its severity.

Whenever you notice cracks in the lintels or if there is seepage, address window lintel leak repair Queens immediately. You may be living under a death trap! But timely lintel repair can save you from facing severe consequences while restoring the strength, stability, and aesthetics of the same.

However, repair techniques vary according to the lintel material. So, today, we will discuss them in detail. 

Repairing Window Lintels

Typically, lintels are made of brick, concrete, stone, metal, or timber. Thus, depending on the material, you have different methods to fix them. One solution does not fit all!

Let us understand the various techniques for window lintel repair Brooklyn

  • Brick Lintel- Brick is the commonly used lintel material. Identifying the source of damage is the primary step. If you notice vertical cracks, you will probably require replacing the lintel. For repair, after removing the impaired sections, helical steel bars are inserted across the entire lintel. It provides additional strength to the structure. The process is effective in brick arch lintels. Sometimes, you may need pinning to keep the bars in position.
  • Concrete Lintel- Concrete lintels are repaired by using steel rods. In the process, the affected portions are removed carefully and cleaned. In concrete lintels, corrosion of the reinforced steel is the fundamental damage source. So, rusted metal parts are replaced with new steel rods to boost their sturdiness. Window lintel waterproofing Bronx is also necessary to prevent further moisture damage.
  • Stone Lintel- You can spot a stone lintel in classic Victorian buildings. So, retaining the original aesthetic appeal becomes a principal concern when repairing such architectural structures. Thus during repair, the internal brickwork is left intact while removing the existing stone and steel pipe work. Two channels are cut into the stone lintel, and steel bars are inserted to reinforce the structure. It is a delicate process demanding superior precision and expertise.
  • Metal Lintel- Metal too, undergoes corrosion similar to steel. To restore its structural integrity, removing the corroded parts is obligatory to prevent its spread. After the removal of the selected areas, new metal supports are affixed. But, if the damage is severe, you may have to replace the entire structure. The window lintel replacement cost relies on the metal used and the total project area.
  • Timber Lintel- Timber lintels are uncommon as they do not offer prolonged durability. Since wood is prone to rotting and pest infestation, professionals preserve the existing structure by applying a resin coat or using a steel rod.

In any case, you must hire a professional to repair a window lintel because it is never worth taking a profound risk for such a critical construction element.  

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