Sharpening English fluency to ace the IELTS exam

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The IELTS exam is an authentic way to level the English proficiency of a candidate in the form of band scores that further help the authorities in many crucial applications. English proficiency is very critical when you are requesting a job application and visa application. The authorities seek authentic proof of your English proficiency and your English language proficiency assessment test helps them get that in the easiest way. 

Through this article, we will help you enhance your English fluency will not only help you in acing the English speaking section but other sections as well.  You must be quick at forming sentences, interpreting fluent spoken English, and writing your thoughts fluently in the English language. The article is written from that perspective that will work at the ground level in polishing your English proficiency. 

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Sharpening English fluency to ace the IELTS exam

Choose the right source

We advise you never to go ahead with the random text available over the web to learn the English language. Selecting the best English learning resource is critical to learning English. Get authentic PDFs, YouTube channels, websites, a dictionary, and books to prepare the best study material. Along with that, don’t forget to incorporate a newspaper in your study material. 

With the perfect study material, you can study well and ace the IELTS exam. 

Spoken English 

Get familiar with spoken English through listening to news podcasts, audiobooks, etc. as it is very important for you to have a regular interaction with the pronunciation of the words to be an excellent listener. If you fail to listen to the speaker or fail to interpret what he is actually trying to say due to a lack of pronunciation then, it will become very hard for you to be an excellent listener. 

Also, regular interaction with spoken English will also deal with the anxiety that happens while listening to the English language. 


To be fluent in the English language, you must first try to get fluency in forming quick sentences in the English language and that’s only possible when you try to shift your attention from translations to thinking in English directly. Stand in front of the mirror and try to communicate with your reflection as if you are talking to a group of people or your friends. Focus on forming sentences in the English language on the spot and you can do this only when you have chosen an interesting topic. 

Stay calm

If you speak English too fast then, you must try to control it. If you feel nervous when listening to English, then, you must try to control it as well. 

Don’t over-smile to veil your nervousness. In fact, be genuine when you are speaking in English and try to speak naturally. You can lower your nervousness by meditating on positive thoughts for three minutes before heading to interviews or important meetings.

Moreover, use meditation or breathing exercises to shift your energy from negative thoughts to positive thoughts. 

Train your mind to think in English

Start forming English sentences in your mind directly without using any translation. This kind of expertise will not come to you instantly but will come to you through a regular practice of forming quick sentences in the English language. Just start with forming short sentences on the activities happening around you. Thinking in English will help you speak English like a pro.  

If you find the structure of the IELTS exam quite complicated then, why not to go ahead with an English proficiency test that has an easy structure such as the PTE exam? Many candidates find the structure of the PTE exam quite incredible and easy. For more help, consider connecting with the topmost PTE Institute in Patiala


Embrace all these excellent strategies to sharpen your fluency in the English language. Moreover, develop a habit of reading a newspaper because besides sharpening your English proficiency, this will also help you in feeling active throughout the day and acing your professional life. 

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