Strategies to Make You a Better Man

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June is national men’s health awareness month, though of course it’s important to focus on men’s health throughout the day. So it’s fitting that in men’s health magazine, we offer tips and strategies to help men have and live a better life, from nutrition to fitness, plus tips that I use and share with others to help me be a better husband and father. 


 So we have 35 men-specific tips and ways to live a better life. 


 Sleep. Further. Well, this is the top of the list. You don’t get enough sleep. Whether it’s burning candles at both ends, spending too much time at the office and trying to get to your daughter’s soccer game, your son’s checkered performance, or your son’s karate practice. You are exhausted. Oh yes, and experts also recommend eating together as a family and you also want to hang out with your partner while trying to finish a big drawing at work and you’re on an expedition mine until midnight! Turn off the computer and sleep well (7-8 hours/night). You’ll do better than all of these other effects when you’re rested. Chlamydia Treatment Azithromycin and Ivermectin Tablets For Sale used to treat certain parasitic roundworm infections. Curing parasitic infections helps to improve your quality of life.

 Get your nuts. Food, that is. Nuts are some of the healthiest foods out there – pistachios, almonds, walnuts, pecans – all great for you in their own right. There is some data to suggest that nuts, as part of a healthy diet, can actually be part of a healthy weight plan. In addition, they are portable, accessible, and non-perishable, so they move well. I love pistachios and mate with the horrible pistachio, my favorite for a fun and healthy snack. I also love that pistachios get you the most money in terms of service. Each 1 oz serving provides about 49 nuts, the most of any other nut – and since I like bulk and foods that fill me up, these work (and the shelling! Also slows me down). 

 Have breakfast. Intermittent fasting is all the rage right now. While it may work for some, for me, my guests, and most of the scientific literature, a high-quality breakfast is beneficial. And this is the main thing – high quality, that is, color (vegetable and / or fruit), protein and fiber. For example, vegetarian omelette. A couple of hard-boiled eggs with a piece of fruit. A craft protein smoothie. The list could go on, but fueling your body in the morning is an elegant thing. 

 Turn off. You can be physically present with the people that matter, but it’s the mental presence that matters most. Intentionally set a “No electronics” time every night with your family and really talk. For real people. Unbelievable. 

 Start your day smarter. Instead of immediately checking your iphone as soon as you open your eyes, try a new routine. Can choose a magazine and read it. Get lots of excess sparkles to play with your kids. Or spend 5 winks on making a quality breakfast. Downtime is necessary and will boost your brain function. 

 Move. Further. On the last few occasions, I’ve seen “Experts” say cardio isn’t good. Cardio isn’t bad. While slow cardio isn’t the most effective way to lose fat, any movement is good and necessary. So, in addition to short, high-intensity sprints or workouts, add some general movement. Maybe it’s walking, cycling, playing tennis or swimming – whatever you like – do it. Eat bacteria. I mean, not all bacteria. It’s a bit strange to say that, but your body is not your body. Well, it’s not just your body. You join it with about 100 trillion bacteria in and on your body. It’s called your microbiome, and it plays a deadly role in health, so much so that it’s often referred to as the “Forgotten organ”. “there is data to show that your specific microbiome affects everything from immunity to skin and heart health, vitamin d status, digestive health, and more. Use of antibiotics and use of probiotics. Surely you’ve heard of “Living and working societies” in yogurt, right (aka, probiotics)? There are at least 350 specific strains of probiotics that each have their own benefits. While the wide range of benefits are well established, one in particular interest me is that one particular strain, lactobacillus reuteri (ncimb 30242), is both available on demand and supported by more than 10 times. Probe. In clinical exploration, it has been shown specifically to reduce total and ldl (bad) cholesterol by 11.6 by reducing the amount of cholesterol absorbed from food, as well as the amount of cholesterol made by the body. It has also recently been shown to increase circulating vitamin d. Currently, it is only available in supplement form under the brand name cardioviva and is clearly something to check out. I associate them as discovery and hidden benefits for so many people who have impressed me. Embrace the bacteria, because they easily embrace you. You will continue to see more and more of this entire field of nutritional exploration. It’s time to move beyond carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. 

 Write a letter to your child on their birthday. However, this bone is for you, if you have children. In fact, I started later than I’d like and although I can’t credit the idea, I’ll do it now and that’s what matters. Each time, they receive a letter. I don’t know when I’ll show them – maybe when they go to council or when they get married. We’ll see, but I’m sure they’ll appreciate or at least laugh at their dad crying like a baby when I give them this.


Raiden Wright

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