NTDC wapda jobs 2023 Apply Online (WAPDA)

NTDC wapda jobs 2023 Apply Online (WAPDA)

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NTDC wapda jobs 2023 Apply Online (WAPDA)

Through the online employment portal, National Transmission & Despatch Company NTDC Jobs 2023 was announced in Lahore. The following NTDC positions in Lahore are being offered on a contract basis with market-competitive pay packages to motivated applicants with experience. On the NTDC website, interested candidates may submit an online application. In the advertising provided below, the age requirement, required education, required work experience, and required place of residence are listed for each position.


The management and provision of power and water services in Pakistan is the responsibility of WAPDA, a government-owned public utility company. On the other side, the distribution and transmission of electricity throughout Pakistan’s many areas is the responsibility of NTDC, a WAPDA subsidiary.


WAPDA typically offers an online application method when it advertises job openings or recruiting drives to make it easier and more convenient for applicants to apply. The following steps could be included in the application process:


Job Postings: WAPDA will publish formal job postings through top publications, their official website, and other avenues of communication. These adverts will provide comprehensive information on the open positions, required qualifications, application deadline, and application procedure. Candidates must carefully read the eligibility requirements listed in the job advertisement before applying. Age restrictions, educational requirements, experience demands, and any other pertinent conditions may all be part of the criterion.


Online Application: Interested candidates can fill out the online application form by going to the WAPDA’s official website or, if one is available, the specific recruiting portal. In accordance with the job requirements, they will have to submit information about themselves, including their names, addresses, and educational and professional backgrounds.


Submission of papers: Candidates may be required to submit scanned copies of their diplomas, CNICs (Computerised National Identity Cards), passport-sized photos, and any other papers mentioned in the job posting along with their online applications.


Some job applications may ask applicants to pay an application processing fee.Final Selection: The candidates will be chosen depending on how well they performed in the tests and interviews. Offers of employment will be made to the chosen individuals.


It’s crucial to keep in mind that the aforementioned steps are merely an overview of the application procedure and could change depending on the particular job and recruitment policies of WAPDA. For the most recent job announcements and updates, candidates are urged to often check the official WAPDA website or other trustworthy sources.


 NTDC wapda jobs in detail


Department NTDC wapda jobs
Posted Date July 30, 2023
Last Date August 5, 2023
Video guide video
Source  Express News, ARY news
Qualification Matric
Age  18 to 25
Location  Lahore, Punjab
Nationality   Pakistan
Domicile  Punjab 
Vacancies  Multiple posts 
Salary  30000, 45000
Gender  Male
Website link for apply
Experience  No need 


No of the post in NTDC wapda jobs 2023


1. Sub-Station Attendant
2. Electrician – II
3. Crane Operator – II
4. Fork Lift Operator
5. Surveyor
6. Driver
7. Assistant Sub Station Attendant
8. Assistant Lineman
9. Crane Operator
10. Telephone Operator
11. Helper


ADD no 2 :


Sr. No Post Name
1. Test Inspector (BPS-15)
2. Sub Station Operator-I (BPS-15)
3. Lineman Superintendent-I (BPS-15)
4. Foreman (BPS-15)
5. Telecom Supervisor (BPS-15)
6. Sub Station Operator-II (BPS-14)
7. Lineman Superintendent-II (BPS-14)
8. Assistant Foreman (BPS-14)
9. Laboratory Assistant (BPS-14)
10. Cable Jointer (BPS-14)
11. Telecom Mechanic-I (BPS-14)
12. Telecom Mechanic-II (BPS-12)
13. Electrician-I (BPS-11)
14. Crane Operator-I (BPS-11)

How to Apply Online for Jobs in NTDC wapda jobs

Candidates must hold a degree or equivalent recognised by HEC, IBCC, etc.


Application eligibility is not open to candidates awaiting results.

At this time, photocopies of transcripts and certificates of employment are not necessary.


The NTS recommends that candidates deposit the exam cost of Rs. 575/- (Rupees Five Hundred and Seventy-Five only).


Candidates submitting applications for the various quotas of the aforementioned categories will be considered if they are residents of the same district(s) and province(s) as indicated next to each.


As per policy, various quotas, including those for employees’ children, minorities, the disabled, etc., shall be followed.


Candidates may tick the appropriate option on the NTS application form if they wish to apply under the NTDC employee’s children quota. Candidates requesting consideration under the NTDC Employees Children Quota must make sure to include all pertinent documentation in their application, in addition to their CNIC and the father’s or mother’s NTDC Employee ID card. Additionally, they must attest that neither their brother, sister, nor widowed mother is now employed by NTDC in violation of the employees’ children’s quota.

The general age relaxation of five (05) years has already been incorporated into the age restriction. Other than the age relaxation specified at (Sr # ix, x, &xi), no other age relaxation will be provided.

Candidates from the Scheduled Castes, Buddhist Community, Recognised Tribes of Tribal Areas (Ex-FATA), Gilgit Baltistan, Azad Kashmir, Sindh (Rural), and Baluchistan may have their upper age limit relaxed by up to three years.The candidates must bring original documents, including diplomas, certificates, and NOCs (in the case of NTDC or government employees), to the interview.


Candidates can get in touch with NTS if they have any questions or concerns about the written exam, the display of the provisional and final candidate list, roll number slips, test locations, results, etc.

Candidates must present a minority or disability certificate from the relevant authority when applying for positions with a quota for minorities or people with disabilities.


Only qualified/selected applicants will be contacted for the written test/interview.


Candidates who have been terminated from their current position or forbidden from applying for similar positions in the future are unable to apply.


After the contract period has been successfully completed and the aforementioned BPS-based positions have performed satisfactorily in accordance with the rules, regularisation will be considered. The candidates will not be given any TA or DA for the test or interview.


The NTDC retains the right to delay the hiring process or change the number of open positions at any time.

The deadline to submit an online application for NTDC Jobs with the National Transmission & Despatch Company in Lahore is August 5, 2023.

About NTDC wapda jobs

The Pakistani Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) is made up in large part of the National Transmission and Dispatch Company (NTDC). By controlling the transmission and dispatch of electricity from power plants to distribution companies and significant load centres, it plays a crucial role in the nation’s power sector. The high-voltage transmission network is run and maintained by NTDC, ensuring a dependable and efficient supply of electricity throughout the country.


A wide spectrum of professions, including engineers, technicians, administrators, and other specialized personnel, are drawn to the power industry jobs that NTDC offers. These positions are crucial for the company’s efficient operation and make a substantial contribution to Pakistan’s overall electricity infrastructure. The hiring procedure for NTDC WAPDA positions is normally carried out using a fair and open selection procedure. Leading publications and the company’s official website both post job openings. Within the allotted time, interested candidates must submit their applications either online or via the required application forms.


Candidates must meet certain requirements, which may include educational requirements, relevant work experience, and age restrictions in order to be qualified for NTDC WAPDA positions. Written examinations, interviews, and practical assessments are frequently used in the selection process to judge candidates’ qualifications for open positions.


Numerous advantages come with working at NTDC, such as employment security, competitive pay, access to medical services, and chances for professional development. Employees have the opportunity to engage in innovative power infrastructure projects and support.

frequently asked questions about NTDC wapda jobs

What is NTDC WAPDA, exactly?


A: WAPDA refers for the Water and Power Development Authority, while NTDC stands for the National Transmission and Despatch Company. In Pakistan, the transmission and distribution of electricity is handled by the government-owned NTDC WAPDA.


How do I search for employment possibilities at NTDC WAPDA?


A: You can search for job openings at NTDC WAPDA by going to their official website or looking through other job boards and publications where the company posts job openings.


What qualifications are required for NTDC WAPDA positions?


A: Depending on the particular position, different qualifications may be required for NTDC WAPDA positions. In general, applicants must possess the necessary training, expertise, and job-relevant abilities. The business may also establish restrictions on age and other particular

What is the procedure for hiring for NTDC WAPDA positions?


A: There are typically several stages to the hiring process for NTDC WAPDA positions, including written exams, interviews, and occasionally practical examinations. Based on their qualifications and performance in the initial screening, shortlisted individuals are invited to participate in these rounds.


What perks and compensation are provided to employees at NTDC WAPDA?


A: NTDC WAPDA employees are entitled to a range of benefits and perquisites, including competitive pay, medical and health insurance, pension plans, paid time off, allowances, and chances for training and professional advancement.


A: Are applicants from specific categories—such as minorities and people with disabilities—given an age break when applying for NTDC WAPDA jobs?


A: Yes, in rare circumstances, NTDC WAPDA may offer applicants belonging to


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