Why Install Column Protector?

Why Install Column Protector?

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The Different Types of Column Protectors, Why You Need Them, and How to Choose the Best Column Protector for Your Workspace

Whether you have an industrial space or a warehouse, the interior of that space is sure to have shelves and columns. Upright Guards surround uprights on pallet racks, shelves and many other hard sides in the business to create a safer work surface. These protectors help protect the column itself while providing various other functions. Note that post protectors are not just for industrial use, they can be used in residential or commercial settings as well.

You shouldn’t just buy a column protector haphazardly just because you have something to install. There are several things you need to pay attention to, such as the materials used or the features you want. Read on to learn about the benefits of column protectors and how to choose the right one for you.

Precautions when purchasing

Column protectors help keep buildings strong. If you want to maintain a solid building, you should maintain your columns properly. Therefore, some considerations must be taken into account when purchasing a column protector. Some of these include the following:

1. Column size and available space

An important consideration when selecting a column protector is of course the dimensions of the associated column. When shopping for a protector, make sure you get the correct column size measurements. You also need to consider the available space to minimize the space your protector takes up.

2. Aesthetics

Post protectors come in a variety of shapes, colors, sizes and designs. If you’re buying a protector for residential or commercial use, you should consider overall aesthetics. After all, there’s no reason to buy a design that doesn’t match your interior.

In an industrial setting, on the other hand, aesthetics are not so important. However, if you can provide your industrial building with a protective device that is as functional as it is stylish, why not? Some would consider using brighter colors to help develop on-site occupational health and safety standards and policies.

3. Material

The most critical choice you will have to make is the material that will make up the protective film you are purchasing. This material directly affects the function of the column protector. For example, some materials have excellent weatherproof properties. Others are better protected against structural damage. Examples of these materials are discussed later.

4. Finance

Certain types of column protectors are more expensive than others. You need to consider your budget and make trade-offs based on the features you need. For example, it doesn’t make sense to buy a top-of-the-line post protector for the simple anti-scratch feature. Be sure to consider these items carefully to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Having said that, don’t buy a column protector just because it looks good. What matters more is functionality, so be sure to consider the factors we mentioned above. There is a great deal of importance placed on materials, in particular.

Types of materials used in column protectors

Columns are present in most buildings and serve a variety of functions and forms. Each type of column has different protection requirements. Fortunately, there are several types of column protectors available to meet these needs. Some of the best known types are made from the following materials:


Foam column protectors are one of the most commonly used non-industrial protectors. They come in a variety of colors and densities, making them a fairly diverse choice. Foam Post Protectors are great for coating household or commercial posts and are great for child proofing.


Polyethylene is a common plastic material with many uses. Polyethylene column protectors are commonly used on industrial columns and are ideal for preventing structural damage. This is achieved through the use of high-density plastics and air gaps to minimize impact damage to the column. Colliding vehicles are thus also protected.


Steel is the most commonly used alloy for column protectors. These materials are great for preventing structural damage and are very strong. Metal post protectors can last a long time if cared for properly. Some types are even weatherproof, depending on the material.


Vinyl post protectors may be less effective at preventing structural damage than other types. However, they do a good job of protecting against surface damage such as bumps and scratches. Because vinyl protectors are so aesthetically pleasing, they are often used in home or commercial settings.


Rubber column protectors are one of the most cost-effective column protectors on the market. They also come in a variety of densities, each suited to a specific function. The lower density is ideal for post sleeves to protect against bumps and scratches. High-density rubber post protectors, on the other hand, are great at absorbing shocks. Due to its versatility, rubber post protectors can be used in commercial, domestic and industrial settings.

Rubber posts are more prone to wear and tear than other types of post protectors. However, the cost and ease of installation more than makes up for this. They are also very weather resistant, which is a plus. In addition, the rubber post is very easy to clean, and proper cleaning can prolong its life.


Many column protectors use a mix of materials. By mixing, individual column protectors can take advantage of the advantages each material type has. For example, foam-coated polyethylene protectors provide great shock absorption. Foam coating helps protect plastic material from breakage. Rubber-coated hard materials, on the other hand, increase weather resistance while maintaining the protective benefits.

It is important to carefully consider the purpose of the column. Doing so can help you decide which materials are right for them. If you are unsure, consult a local professional to help you decide.

Other features of post protectors

Obviously, a column protector is there to protect the column from damage. Many people don’t realize that these can be used for many other purposes. These other purposes are usually related to the material type or manufacturer of the column protector. Some of the most important of them are as follows:

1. Maintain the structural integrity of the building

Keeping the columns intact means you maintain the structural integrity of the building. After all, the columns are directly responsible for supporting the building. Keeping columns in good working order helps maintain the structural integrity of the building

2. Protect others

Some post guards are also installed to protect people, not just the post itself. For example, foam protectors are used for post coatings in playgrounds or daycare centers. These foam protectors are designed to prevent injuries to children. Foam protectors are also helpful in areas of low visibility and uprights in the workplace to prevent accidents.

3. Increase visibility

Certain types of post protectors are great for increased visibility. Some of these types can be fitted with reflective mirrors or light strips to mark the presence of the post. These are especially useful in low light areas.

4. Harm Reduction

Post protectors don’t just protect posts and people. They also help reduce damage to anything that might collide with them. For example, in warehouses where forklifts are used, collisions are common. These also happen a lot on the road.

Properly placed pillar protectors can help reduce damage to a crashing vehicle. Some protectors can also absorb large amounts of shock to protect the occupants of the vehicle.

5. Remodeling

Some posts, especially those made of metal, are irregularly shaped or may have sharp edges. These edges can be a hazard to people and property. Columns like these are commonly found in industrial buildings or attached to warehouse shelves. Fortunately, post protectors can help cover these edges to reduce the chance of injury or property damage.

As we mentioned, a column protector does more than just protect the column – although it’s always important to consider the other functions you want from your column protector. Also consider the environmental conditions the column will be in to help you decide what to buy.

Advantages of Installing Column Protectors

Column protectors serve a variety of purposes. The materials from which they are made contribute directly and can bring certain benefits. The versatility of column protectors provides many benefits, such as:

Other Uses for Column Protectors

Column protectors are not just for columns, they are for columns. They can also be used for other purposes. Other common items on which post protectors are installed include road posts, light posts, yard lights, shelves, and more.

Reduce the chance of serious accidents

Serious accidents can be reduced by using column protectors. This is because the materials that make up the post protectors can increase visibility or reduce impact damage. Improved visibility helps reduce accidents in the first place. On the other hand, reducing crash damage protects everything and everyone involved in a crash.

Reduce or minimize damage

As mentioned earlier, post protectors are designed to absorb impact. This means that anything that collides with the column protector will also be somewhat protected. Of course, harm reduction is beneficial in all situations. Therefore, it can help prevent mechanical failure and minimize repair costs.

Prevent legal action

There are many cases of on-the-spot injuries leading to lawsuits, especially in work and industrial settings. In these cases, courts typically look for negligence by the homeowner. Fortunately, column protectors can help prevent this from happening. Using these around your columns can show that you are taking the necessary precautions to avoid accidents.

Follow safety guidelines

Industrial buildings have certain safety guidelines. Installing a column protector can help you meet these safety guidelines. Of course, you’re not installing these just to comply. These items are actually practical and can help improve safety in industrial spaces.

Save more money in the long run

While preventing accidents and machine damage can help save you time and stress, it can do much more than that. Prevention will always save you a lot of money in the long run. Machinery is often quite expensive to repair, and even more so to replace them.

The most expensive of all the consequences of accidents that a column protector can prevent is personal injury. Hospitalization is expensive and is usually borne by those responsible for the accident. As a home owner, you want to make sure these accidents are prevented from happening.

Low maintenance option

Column protectors are convenient and require little maintenance. All you need to do is check visually every once in a while and you should be good to go. When properly maintained, most column protectors can last for years or even decades. If you do find something worrisome, replacements aren’t a problem, as they’re usually easy to install.

Keep infrastructure and other structures intact

Post protectors do more than just prevent collisions. They also help maintain the structural integrity of the object they protect. By installing post protectors, you directly help keep your building or warehouse shelves strong.

Great for decoration, branding and visual appeal

Decorative columns are great for enhancing the aesthetics of any home or commercial space. Column protectors are available in various designs and you can choose your favorite. Some materials can even be customized. You can add your own designs to help fit the interior of any location the post protector will be installed.

Columns hold up buildings, keep them from collapsing, and help keep people safe—these are some of the biggest reasons why you should maintain your columns properly. The best way is to protect them with column protectors. As we discussed earlier, there are many things that must be considered when purchasing a column protector.

If you’re interested in purchasing some column protectors, but you just don’t know where to start, then don’t hesitate to ask a local expert like us for help!

If you need to install post protectors, edge safety barriers are your best choice. We have the best inventory and the most experienced professionals to help.

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