Wireless N WiFi Repeater Setup Tips

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Are you trying to set up your Wireless N repeater but are not able to get through the process? This article comprises some best tips that will help you execute the Wireless-N WiFi repeater setup instructions in an easy manner without getting stuck. All you have to do is walk through the tips and tricks given in the upcoming sections and apply them carefully.
FYI, the same tips can be used even if you have any other extender brand. These are general tips that will help anyone with any extender brand.

Wireless-N WiFi Repeater Setup Instructions

Before learning about the setup tips, you should know the instructions for the setup process.

  1. Connect the extender with the router using an Ethernet cable.
  2. Switch on the extender as well as the router.
  3. Connect your computer to the local network.
  4. Visit the extender setup page on a browser using the IP address.
  5. Follow the setup instructions that are displayed on the screen.

This is how simple it is to complete the setup process of your Wireless N repeater.

Tips to Avoid WiFi Extender Setup Issues


  • Ensure a Stable Internet Connection

You must make sure that there is a stable Internet connection while you are executing the setup of your extender. Poor and shaky internet can hamper the process and hence you will get stuck. Do a WiFi speed test and then proceed with the next step.

  • Apply Consistent Power Supply to the Devices

You should ensure that the extender, as well as the router, are connected to a well-working wall electrical socket that is capable of supplying consistent power. You can use an alternative socket if one is damaged. Also, the cables should not be loose. You can also consider using a UPS.

  • Use an Updated Web Browser

While setting up the extender, you should use only a supported and updated web browser to avoid any issues while accessing the setup page of the extender. Besides, clean the cache from the browser so that it does not load cached web pages.

  • Refrain from Using the Search Bar

Be certain that you are not typing the IP address in the search bar of the browser that you are using to visit the setup page of the extender. You might end up landing on some anonymous page. Using only the location bar of the browser is recommended. The location bar is also known as the URL bar or the address field.

  • Connect to the Right Network

If you can not reach the setup page then the very first reason is that you are not connected to the right network. You ought to use the default IP address to visit the setup page. However, the IP address can not be reached unless you connect to the extender’s network.
So, you should connect your computer to the extender’s WiFi or make an Ethernet connection and then try connecting to the WiFi repeater setup page.

  • Use Good Cables

You first need to connect the extender to the router using an Ethernet cable if you are setting up the extender in access point mode. But the cable that you are using should be in good condition. If it is old and worn out then the connection will be shaky and thus you will end up facing extender setup problems. Replace the cable and use a new one if required and make a finger tight connection between the two devices.

  • Use Correct Ports for Connection

If you insert the Ethernet cable to the wrong ports on the extender or the router, then you will face issues. We recommend you cross-check the ports and then insert the Ethernet cable. You should join the LAN port of the router to the internet port of the extender.

  • Avoid Typos

Make no typing mistakes while inserting the IP address in the URL bar of the browser. You are advised to double-check the IP address entrée before you hit the Enter key. Many users enter the IP address without dots or may mess up with the digits. You must avoid committing such mistakes so that you can avoid setup issues.

The Final Note

If you consider all the tips highlighted in this post you will never become a victim of a WiFi range extender setup issue. The process can be carried out smoothly. After you are done with the process, you can move the extender to a new location that should be somewhere in between the router and the areas with dead spots. See to it that the place that you choose is not a congested one. Choose an open and higher place so that you can enjoy a lag-free internet access.

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