6 Ways to Maximize Overnight Pillow Storage

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Overnight pillow storage is the storage of pillows throughout the night. The practice helps you store your cushions in a suitable place where they are not damaged and maintains the quality of the cushions. 

Besides cleanliness, overnight pillow storage helps maintain the cleanliness of the pillows even if they are not in use. The method keeps your cushions and covers safe from stains and other damage while sleeping. 

Based on personal preferences, people use different ways to store their pillows. Depending on the space available to preserve these accessories, they keep their pillows. Some common ways of storing the cushions are. 

1- On the bed 

Many people put pillows on their backs when they are not in use. It gives them better back support and helps them to use these pillows when they need to use them again. The method is one of the convenient ways to have a better sleep time overnight. 

2- Pillowcases 

Another thing you can do to store your pillows is to use high-quality pillow covers. These covers help keep the cushions from getting dust and other damaging particles. 

3- Shelving or cabinets

Storing pillows on shelves or cabinets also proves to help keep them safe and secure. Some homes have specified shelves or cabinets for storing cushions when they are not in use. It is one of the best options to protect pillows from potential damage. 

4- Pillow bags or containers

If we go beyond storing the pillows in the cabinets and shelves, there are multiple sizes and shaped containers in the market. These containers help keep your pillows longer without damaging their quality and material. 

Besides containers, you can find various bags having zipper closures. Such bags are made from quality and breathable materials that help prevent moisture buildup and damage to the pillow fabric. 

5- Wall-mounted hooks or hangers

If you do not have enough space to store your pillows, the wall-mounted hooks help you save space. You can install these sturdy hooks on the walls and drape these pillows on these hooks. 

The overnight pillow storage is highly useful in storing decorative or throw pillows. Because if you keep them anywhere else, there will be chances of damage to the decorative materials on the pillow covers. 

6- Bedside baskets or bins

The other method to store your pillow is to use the designated basket or bin beside your bed. You can put your cushions in the basket before sleeping and get them out in the morning. Choosing baskets or containers of desirable sizes that will not squish the pillows is essential. 

Why should you store pillows? 

Storing pillows overnight is the best practice to increase the shelf-stability of the cushions. If you properly keep your pillows, their quality could stay high. They may become stained and abrasive because of consistently getting dust and dirt on them. 

It also saves you space on the bed during your sleeping time. You can store all the additional pillows in the proper and secure places. You can use your stored pillows for better sleep if you need more. 

Where can you put these pillow storage? 

Once you have decided to use this quality solution to store your pillows for longer to save their quality, the next thing that revolves is where you can make these storage areas. The simple answer is anywhere in your home where you have extra space. 

Not only in your room you can also use these storage boxes or containers in your closets, guest rooms, and bedrooms, or you can get them with you at your picnic. It is one of the best ways to rest while enjoying your picnic.

Overnight pillow storage- List of perks 

Storing pillows overnight is not so widely practiced, but many still keep them this way for various reasons. 

1- Assist you in traveling

The practice suits you best when you need a quality solution for your travel rest time. The warehouse will keep your pillows clean and protect the whole travel time. 

2- Prevents moisture or odor 

Suppose you are sleeping in an environment with harsh odors or high humidity. In that case, pillow storage proves to be the suitable solution to increase the shelf-stability of these pillows and promote a hygienic and humid-free environment. 

3- Allergy resistant 

If you have allergic issues and want the dustproof solution to prevent severe allergic reactions, the practice helps you maintain your health and prevent you against allergens.


Besides choosing the best overnight pillow storage ways to store your pillows, keeping them clean and protective is also necessary. It will enhance their lifespan and maintain their quality. These pillow storage practices also promote a safe and hygienic sleeping environment. 


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