Finding a Reliable Bernedoodle Breeder: Your New Best Friend

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Do you know what a Bernedoodle is? It is a member of the Designer Dog movement of recent decades, along with the Pomsky and the Yorkie Poo.  Doodles, a type of Poodle hybrid, remains popular despite the rise of many other designer dog breeds. The Bernedoodle is a relatively new dog breed, but it’s already showing signs of rising popularity among all the other doodles.

The Golden Doodle, the Miniature Australian Labradoodle, and the rest have all been seen at Texas Bernedoodle Breeders. Here comes the Bernedoodle, a dog with a remarkable genetic composition: equal parts smart and dumb.

What Is A Bernedoodle?

If you breed a Bernese Mountain Dog with a Poodle, you get a Bernedoodle. The Bernese Mountain Dog adds a lot of affection, goofiness, and fun to a mixed breed’s overall personality, much like the Golden Retriever or Labrador Retriever does.

Anyone who adopts a Bernese-Poodle mix will be blessed with an unconditionally loving companion. Anyone can start a tribe with one Bernedoodle, whether they’re childless or not.

The Bernedoodle: Five Essential Facts

  1.       Bernedoodle puppies with curlier coats shed less. This is fantastic news for allergy sufferers because who doesn’t adore a dog that doesn’t shed?
  2.       Bernedoodles are less likely to have congenital health issues, but this is not a guarantee.
  3.       It is said that in 2003, the first Swissridge Bernedoodles were bred purposefully at Swissridge Kennels.
  4.       Bernedoodles are not show dogs but rather family pets.
  5.       Because of their high intelligence, Texas Bernedoodle Breeders need to begin their socialization and training early on.

Characteristics of the Silly Bernedoodle

Those expecting a miniature version of the Bernese Mountain Dog (the Entlebucher Mountain Dog is essentially a smaller, short-haired variant of the Bernese Mountain Dog) should slow their trot. The presence of a poodle opens up a wide range of possibilities.

  •         There are three distinct Bernedoodle sizes.
  •         Micro Bernedoodles, the tiniest of the Bernese breed.
  •         Mini Bernedoodles, or Bernedoodles in miniature.

Standard Bernedoodles

Bernedoodle pup size is determined by the parent’s Poodle’s size. The Toy Poodle is the smallest breed of dog. Smaller Bernedoodle puppies are a likely outcome when breeding Toy Poodles with Bernese Mountain Dogs. Male Bernedoodles are often larger than females of the same breed.

Puppies from the next Bernedoodle litters will have coats as varied as a box of chocolates. The outcomes are completely random. The coats of these dogs can take on a variety of shapes and textures, resembling either the Poodle or Bernese parent in appearance.

Bernedoodle Colors

Puppies of the Bernese doodle breed can have any coloration they like, from solid to a two- or three-tone pattern.

The Bernedoodle’s most common coat color is similar to that of the Bernese Mountain Dog. However, the Poodle can have a greater influence on the Puppy’s appearance.

The fading gene has been identified in Poodles and can be passed on to future generations. It causes the coat color of older dogs to fade. A person could begin with a sable or tan dog and finish with a dog resembling a Golden Doodle.

Bernedoodles in Texas Bernedoodle Breeders come in the following colors:

  •         Black
  •         White
  •         Blue
  •         Silver
  •         Sable

Temperament of Bernedoodles

No matter what size dog you have, Mini Bernedoodle or Standard! These canines are quick on their feet, full of personality, and eager to join the fray. Bernedoodles get along, especially with kids, and easily pick up new commands. They are extremely anti-social and would rather be engaged in some form of activity than be left alone.

A Bernedoodle puppy, whether standard, petite, or mini, may have inherited some tenacity from the Bernese Mountain Dog.

Where Would A Bernedoodle Thrive Most Happily?

Bernedoodle puppies of all sizes benefit greatly from belonging to active families because of their high exercise requirements.

Miniature and toy Bernedoodles have lower exercise needs and can thrive in the cramped quarters of urban dwellings like apartments and condos.

Medium and Standard Texas Bernedoodle Breeders are taller and wider and can get up to ninety pounds, which means they may bump into more coffee tables and have problems sharing the same hallway with you if you live in a smaller home.

This breed does well with either a gated yard or regular trips to a nearby dog park.

A Bernedoodle Puppy for the Family! 

When you’ve settled on a Bernedoodle as your next pet, it’s time to start planning for its arrival. There are a lot of things you need to have on hand when you get a puppy.

Where your dog will defecate is something you might overlook. The process of training your puppy to use an outdoor bathroom will go more smoothly if you have a specific spot picked out.

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